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Integrative Medicine and Telemedicine

Integrative Medicine

Today in the United States, we enjoy the best available medical care in the world. We are privileged in that the conventional, or allopathic, medical approach in urgent care and emergency medicine is at its best and enjoys worldwide recognition for its quality. However, when it comes to chronic diseases and illness, the mainstream medical system begins to reveal its growing vulnerabilities. In relying on prescription drugs and surgery as the only methods for treating complex diseases and chronic conditions, the conventional standard often does little more than quell the symptoms, yet fails to address the cause of disease.


For many, it isn't enough to partially mask or control some of the symptoms, only to watch them re-emerge time and time again. Functional and Integrative medicine offer an avenue for more comprehensive medical care that meets the needs of both patients and healthcare providers. Integrative medicine is a broad term that describes the use of both conventional and alternative therapies in patient care. This field requires the medical provider to go above and beyond current standard of care and think outside the box. Functional medicine is largely concerned with targeting the root cause of disease rather than applying superficial treatments that merely alleviate symptoms; often temporarily.  


In choosing to specialize in biomolecular nutrigenomics, we are committed to providing the best care possible with integrative and functional medicine. In offering this innovative science with the best of both worlds, we intend to skillfully unite all realms for the most comprehensive medical care. In doing so, we expect to make all the difference for so many others, just as we have with our own families and patient populations.