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Mission Statement


"Your future is worth fighting for" 

Our purpose in offering telehealth is to merge the most comprehensive medical care and diagnostic testing with a unique consulting approach that is directed toward each person's lifestyle as well as their genetic needs. Unfortunately, many are forced to travel great distances to work with a knowledgeable specialist or health consultant in order to obtain the highly individualized treatment they require. Aside from travel and lodging, it typically costs several thousand dollars to have an expert provide a detailed, educationally based treatment regimen. Yet since this consultant is rarely a clinician and the burden is now on the patient to find a physician with whom these tests and treatments can be ordered and interpreted. 

We believe that healthcare is a partnership and that everyone should have the opportunity to recover. For this reason, there are no surprise costs, only a flat fee for service, and we encourage you to take the reins whenever possible. In fact, you will be offered all of the tools you need to direct your own program, though we are available for follow-up consultations whenever you require it. In an age when few of these services are covered by health insurance, we intend to make this type of health care more convenient and affordable. 


This website will also focus heavily on basic education so that everyone is capable of learning and understanding these highly complex genetic and biochemical pathways. As a patient, you will receive specific guidelines and information regarding the treatment phases as well as an individualized diagram that outlines your plan very clearly so that you have a visual map. You'll have ongoing support from a medical provider well versed in treating a variety of debilitating conditions as well as having the personal experience of fully recovering a child with PANDAS and a close friend with Multiple Sclerosis. 


The purpose of Genetics Based Integrative Medicine is to support you as well as guide you through the complex fields of genetics and biochemistry as well as conventional and alternative medicine so that you can become as healthy as possible. Ultimately, whether you are a patient or a concerned loved one.......your future is worth fighting for!