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Our Treatment Protocol

While many scientists were disappointed by a few of the findings from The Human Genome Project, this grand undertaking resolved a multitude of questions and opened the door for saving millions of lives. Researchers now accept that humans have less than 30,000 genes compared to the millions that were once widely speculated. We also recognize that other highly intricate systems and compounds exert a much greater influence than was previously known. Perhaps most remarkable, we already have an excellent grasp of the biology and chemistry involved within these elaborate systems. The methylation pathway serves as an excellent example of a known biochemical interchange, though it has strategic importance in preventing and treating almost every disease and ailment that plagues us today.  


The relationship between our genetic susceptibilities and methylation has been widely studied in many types of cancer, heart disease, strokes, clotting disorders, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue, Alzheimer’s, infertility, depression, autism, and birth defects. Nutrigenomics seeks to unravel these medical mysteries by providing personalized genetics-based treatment. Even so, it will take decades to confirm what we already understand; that replacing specific nutrients and/or chemicals in existing pathways allows more efficient gene expression, particularly with genetic vulnerabilities and mutations. In fact, poor methylation contributes to a host of disorders simply by allowing genes that should be silent, to surface. 

Based on our current understanding, it is possible to provide individualized treatment for a variety of medical disorders and conditions. Consequently, it does not seem prudent to delay essentially benign therapies in order to confirm many of them decades later. Now more than ever, we have accessible medical care and genetic testing that exposes these vulnerabilities while providing the blueprint for highly successful therapies. Based on these concepts, our patients can expect the following:  


  • A complete medical evaluation and detailed history review, which allows for more insight and awareness regarding previous medical issues as well as your ongoing health problems, challenges, resources, and support systems.
  • Education for reducing recognized dietary triggers such as excitotoxins, known for contributing to neurological disorders such as MS, Parkinson’s, ALS, and autism as well as cancer, endocrine and autoimmune disorders.
  • Genetic testing using a 30 SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) panel designed specifically to evaluate the methylation pathway as well as genes known to contribute to neuro-autoimmune disorders and cancer. Your genes will never change and this particular pathway provides an indispensable framework for turning off the less desired genes while supporting more advantageous genes and body chemistry.
  • A comprehensive treatment plan to address identified genetic vulnerabilities, thereby, reducing much of the typical trial and error in choosing a regimen. In knowing each genetic pitfall, we are able to devise a treatment plan based on your specific needs, family history, and current health issues.
  • In-depth instruction regarding your genetic mutations and/or liabilities as well as the ideal chemicals and/or nutrients that will allow you to effectively circumvent these areas. In doing so, you will be capable of preventing many disease states and will be more successful in actively reversing many ongoing conditions. 


We are fortunate to live in a time when scientific inquiry and discovery allow for both enlightenment and progress. Many medical providers and scientists have recognized a critical component by allowing each individual to write the rest of their story, rather than following the latest recipe in the medical cookbooks. When considering the time and resources that the average person spends on conventional treatments, all while gaining virtually nothing in return, taking charge of your health and using cutting-edge therapies is the most appropriate course of action. While insurance companies do not accept many of the genetics-based tests or treatments, it is no secret that their objective is to limit any and all resources for medical care and prevention.  Those with flexible spending accounts and PPO's fair much better than those with Medicare and HMO's. Even so, only you can decide what your health, quality of life, and future are worth.  For many, the answer is simple and makes spending some resources today very practical. Now is the time for personalized medicine. We welcome you to the practice and look forward to providing the advanced, individualized medical care that everyone deserves.


April Ward-Hauge MS, NP BCIM

Autism Nutrigenomics Treatment Inc.

& Adult Biomolecular Medicine 



The link below serves as an excellent example for utilizing nutrigenomics & methylation pathway defects in heart disease:




*Those with PPO insurance coverage will receive a global billing sheet for partial reimbursement.