Best And Worst Bathroom Flooring Ideas

Best And Worst Bathroom Flooring Ideas

Some of the important elements that come together to complete a beautiful bathroom include a bathtub, sufficient storage areas, proper ventilation, and adequate lighting. However, there’s more to it. One also has to pick out the right flooring depending on their style.

Choosing bathroom flooring

When choosing to floor for your bathroom, you have to consider factors such as spillage, humidity, and moisture in mind. The floor you choose has to be resistant to water, shouldn’t stain easily, and most importantly shouldn’t be slippery.

Here are some of the best materials that are commonly used for bathroom floors:


These may either be made using porcelain or ceramic. The tiles are waterproof, stylish, and cost-effective. Tiles give a rich, textured, and solid look


  • There’s a wide range of options making it easy for you to choose the exact type you need for a personalized look. They come in different shapes and sizes.
  • Tiles are very easy to clean.


  • Tiles are cold
  • When wet, they’re very slippery although you can reduce it by texturing


Vinyl is very practical and looks very good. It’s a good option if there are huge amounts of spills in the bathroom.


  • Easy to install so you can DIY
  • There are countless styles available


  • Poorly installed vinyl flooring can really mess up your bathroom
  • The installation can be tricky for inexperienced DIYer
Bathroom Flooring

Natural stone

These are a great option if you’re willing to spend a somewhat large amount of money. Just be careful when choosing because some options like marble, granite, and limestone can pose a few moisture problems.


  • Hard, durable, and aesthetically pleasing
  • Can influence a home’s resale value positively


  • Cold especially during winter
  • Slippery when wet
  • Quite costly

Engineered wood

This is dimensionally stable compared to solid wood especially when you keep the high-moisture factor in mind.


  • Holds well against moisture
  • Very aesthetically pleasing and is ideal for you if you want the look of natural wood in your bathroom.


  • Prone to damage in a wet space no matter how well-protected the wood is
  • Requires regular maintenance and upkeep


This is basically a resin-impregnated paper that is placed over a wood chip base. The paper is very strong and has pictures of either slate marble, wood, or stone.


  • Hard for moisture to work itself down if it’s properly installed


  • If the wood chip is exposed to moisture, it swells, expands, and forms bubbles.

Here are two of the worst flooring ideas:

Bathroom Flooring


Carpets retain moisture for long periods because they dry very slowly. However, if you must have a carpet in your bathroom, make sure that its material is 100% inorganic like nylon

Solid Hardwood

Solid hardwood doesn’t really have any proper form of protection against moisture. If moisture goes past the top layer and gets to the wood, it causes it to rot.

Planning your bathroom layout

Planning your bathroom layout doesn’t need to be a daunting task. On the contrary, you should enjoy every bit of it as you transform this room in your house into a spa-like space where you can go to relax after a long day at work.

For the layout to be practical and stylish, here’s what you need to do:

Take measurements of your bathroom

Taking the dimensions of your bathroom accurately will allow you to do a rough sketch that makes it possible to plan for the installations and furniture if you get any. The sketches should be done to scale. Rearrange the items until you find a layout that pleases you.

Plan the layout

The layout needs to make a statement. Make sure the arrangement blends in well with the position of the window and door. If you can, seek the services of a professional to help you put all the pieces together.