Tips to Help You Identify Quality Bathroom Hand Basins

Tips to Help You Identify Quality Bathroom Hand Basins

With so many types, brands, and styles of bathroom hand basins widely available, recognizing a premium one takes some skill. You may buy a pricy ceramic sink only to crack from a light drop within a week. While price sometimes implies quality, it never hurts to be confident when it comes to these things.

Thankfully, there are a couple of techniques that you can employ to differentiate top-quality wash basins from mediocre ones. The even better news is that most of them merely require a keen eye and some time.

Know Your Material Quality

On the one hand, you expect vitreous china to crack on the first drop, on the other, fireclay shouldn’t. Whatever material a premium bathroom hand basin is made from, it should be the best of its type. The first step to identifying the quality of your wash basin is knowing the quality of its material.

Compare to Other Utilities

If you're not too familiar with the ceramic or stainless steel, you can compare it to your other utilities. Try finding any differences between the materials of one of your quality utilities and the new sink. For example, your fireclay vanity should look, feel, and sound like your new fireclay hand basin.

Chips, Cracks, and Flaws

Check for chips and cracks in ceramics and visible welding in stainless steel sinks. Quality bathroom hand basins will hide their weld lines excellently and would be void of cracks and chips.

Easy Installation

Premium bathroom hand basins have effortless installation and often come with an easily understood installation guide. Try putting the entire thing together and see how quickly you can do it. Following the proper procedure, you shouldn’t have any significant trouble fitting a quality wash basin together

Plenty of Features

Having one tap isn’t enough for the most luxurious bathroom basin. How about two tap openings, or an allowance for hot water options? The more features your bathroom sink offers, the better its quality, and the pricier it becomes.

Accurate Fittings

If the parts of your bathroom hand basins don't fit together smoothly, then its quality is susceptible. Quality bathroom sinks come in sections that are accurate to the millimeter. Try installing it into a single piece and see if everything fits tightly. Accuracy is especially important here because it’s supposed to work with water without leaking.

Know Your Supplier

Trustworthy sellers often sell quality products, while untrustworthy ones often peddle in fakes. In this internet age, it's always better to know who you're purchasing from lest you buy a hoax. Read online articles about your retailer and look for reviews about them on popular websites and publications.

Final Thought

The performance of your wash sink will vary depending on its material composition. Ceramic is durable and chemical resistant, while marble is elegant and easily repaired. However, if your bathroom hand basins satisfy the above tips' conditions, then it's likely a top-quality utility.