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Welcome to Genetics Based Integrative Medicine (GBIM), a telemedicine practice dedicated to the education and treatment of those with highly complex & disabling disorders such as chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS/ME), Fibromyalgia, autoimmune disorders, mitochondrial dysfunction, and adult neurological disorders as well as children struggling with autism spectrum disorders, ADD/ADHD, and PANS/PANDAS.


This clinical practice and website will provide critical information regarding the contributing factors for many of these disorders as well as current scientific theories and management.  Our goal is to ensure that the emerging field of nutrigenomics medicine and treatment is more readily understood.  We intend to streamline the methods and tools you'll require so that you can successfully maintain your own personalized regimen.  We will also provide individualized guidance, diagnostic testing and the specific treatment options that apply to your genetic make up.  


The objective of nutrigenomics medicine is to provide the nutrients that each person requires for optimal health.  An individual’s ideal nutrients are established by evaluating their genetic blueprint, or DNA.  For the sake of simplicity, it may help to think of your genes as a series of piano keys. Each key is unique and makes a different sound, yet they are all necessary for making music. Even when several keys are broken you may still be able to play music, though the melody won’t sound the same and depending upon the song, these failings may or may not make a difference. However, if you are to play in a symphony, you will have three options:

1. You can ignore the differences, playing music that is off key,

2. You can try to use the black keys instead, to bypass the changes, or

3. You can address the problems and call a service person to repair them.

In treating genetic vulnerabilities we have similar options:


1. You can ignore the problem, living with poor health,

2. You can change your diet to eliminate some of the toxic triggers, thereby circumventing some of the damaged genes, or

3. You can address the faulty genes at their root cause, applying specific nutrients, RNA, nucleotides, and other genetic reinforcements.


In choosing the last two options, you achieve a balance that allows your body chemistry to work more efficiently.  This also targets the root cause rather than simply applying Band-Aids with various therapies and medications.  We welcome you to personalized medicine of the 21st Century!

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